Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Rob falls apart

Actually, not really. I'm holding myself together. Things just got busy and I'm not sure how or when I'm going to dig myself out of things.

Still haven't done anything about the spectrogram. Although so far no one has e-mailed to complain. I'm starting to think no one is paying attention. Maybe I'll go to a quarterly schedule. Not that it'll make it any less late.

My father's 90th birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I'm not going to make it back. Part of the busy-ness on this end is that we have a job candidate coming in that week (and the week after) for interviews/job talks/etc. I was going to try to make it during mid-term break last week, but a) time got too short to plan anything and b) I was the only one around willing to do InfoDays, the two-day open-house thing for the high-schoolers. Argh.

At InfoDays, my computer started to die. It took until Sunday night to successfully run CHKDSK and locate the bad sectors and do something about them. Now all is fine. For the moment.

I have an event coming up at PTE that I'm sort of in charge of. It's a cold-read party (someone suggested Open Read and Group Yammer, but I couldn't put that acronym on a flyer), where we're going to put together some scenes and ask the actors to just cold read them. Fun for all.

I've got exams to mark (that's Canadian for 'grade') and enter into the computer, and a couple of homeworks to plan. Today I have to give a make up exam, meet with a student, and find my pictures of the skull, which I didn't have in class yesterday when I needed them. Argh.

I have a review of a resubmission to finish for a journal. Finished the paper the other night. Much, much improved (to the point that it's probably worth publishing, but I have lingering concerns, and I'm not sure this journal is quite the right one). But at least I've finished the paper.

I have a department meeting on Friday that I probably need to do some prep for.

And I still need to clean my house.

And my office.

So things continue. Hopefully I'll have something useful to say here soon.