Monday, 17 October 2011

Footie socks are a waste

So remember the dead car battery adventure, which ended with me buying socks at 8:30pm that night.

Part of the need for socks was the at-the-time-impending cooler weather, which would eventually necessitate the wearing of actual shoes.  Which would necessitate the wearing of actual socks.  So I bought socks.

Well, I thought I was so smart. For the 'transitional' weather, when it's too warm to warrant actual socks, but still necessary to wear shoes, for instance in the rain, I bought footie socks.  I don't know what else to call them.  Sock things that cover your feet but don't even come up over your ankle.  Footie socks.

Except footie socks suck.  You barely get them on and into your shoes when they start to come down. You take two steps and they've popped over your heel and if you don't stop and pull them back up/on they begin to wedge themselves into the toe of your shoes. Which hardly is the point. If you have to use surgical tape to tape them onto your feet so they stay on, it's time to find another kind of sock.

So I've just decided to junk them.  Off to Goodwill, or at least the bag of vaguely clean clothes that will end up at Goodwill, or a handy Salvation Army bin or something like that.  Stupid footie socks. Never again.