Monday, 29 October 2007

For all my friends with evil cats

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E-mailed to me by my friend Jaynie, I haven't been able to track down an original. So this time I blame the folks at funnypix for violating someone's copyright. &deity; only knows who. But 'tweren't me.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Well, it's now a week later ...

And I have accomplished very little in the mean time.

I've written most of my review for JPhon, but I haven't submitted it yet because I'm not sure it's what the editor wants. Well, one is never sure of that, but I'm pretty sure no one is going to be happy with the state of this review. Haven't read anything else.

Did do a couple of domestic tasks, but not what I would call completing them. And my envelope with my prescription receipts is still sitting there. So all in all a bad showing from the perspective of getting my act together.

So I'm going to take a couple of days and regroup, rethink my expectations on domestic tasks and that sort of thing, and will be working on my next set of goals on Thursday. Meantime we'll see what I can accomplish.

On the other hand, Sky was right. Those fruitfly traps from Lee Valley are amazing. Set of two for under $20. They're basically just a weak vinegar solution in a thing that makes it easy for the flies to crawl into but not crawl out of. Could probably accomplish the same thing with a nail and a baby food jar, some vinegar and some dishsoap. But at least the fruitflies are handled.

Monday, 15 October 2007

This blog is about to get really boring

I've decided I need to get a handle on my life. The last time I really got a handle on my life I was in group therapy/management class where I learned that if I announced plans in public I'd do them, and developed a strategy to keep a whiteboard in my house with my plans on it that was public enough.

Well, it's not anymore. So now I'm going to be posting my day-to-day plans and whether or not I accomplish any of them. Egad.

So since it looks like we're not going on strike on Friday, there are things I have to do before next Monday (in no particular order):

1) get my review to JPhon in
2) review my prep for my classes (including writing a readings quiz)
3) do something about the fruitflies in my kitchen that won't go away
4) at least two loads of laundry
5) three other random domestic tasks (as defined on the master list)
6) pay my ACN invoice
7) send in my prescription receipts for reimbursement
8) blog on the subject of the now not-so-impending strike
9) do my first read of the paper I'm reviewing for Phonology

I guess that's enough. We'll see how well I do.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Posting without attribution

I don't like it. I prefer not to do it. But I have no idea where this came from. On the other hand, it's in a lot of people's collections of funny images. So I'm posting it as an image, but the image is linked to somebody else's library of images. So it's their fault if we're trampling on somebody's copyright.


So just in case, blame "Tim" at

Monday, 1 October 2007

Cross posting

So, apparently I posted this to Facebook and told everyone that it was on my blog. So for the benefit of anyone who missed it on Facebook for whatever reason, here's another video that's too cute not to share:

Hey, Little Sparta (Mean Kitty Song)