Monday, 15 October 2007

This blog is about to get really boring

I've decided I need to get a handle on my life. The last time I really got a handle on my life I was in group therapy/management class where I learned that if I announced plans in public I'd do them, and developed a strategy to keep a whiteboard in my house with my plans on it that was public enough.

Well, it's not anymore. So now I'm going to be posting my day-to-day plans and whether or not I accomplish any of them. Egad.

So since it looks like we're not going on strike on Friday, there are things I have to do before next Monday (in no particular order):

1) get my review to JPhon in
2) review my prep for my classes (including writing a readings quiz)
3) do something about the fruitflies in my kitchen that won't go away
4) at least two loads of laundry
5) three other random domestic tasks (as defined on the master list)
6) pay my ACN invoice
7) send in my prescription receipts for reimbursement
8) blog on the subject of the now not-so-impending strike
9) do my first read of the paper I'm reviewing for Phonology

I guess that's enough. We'll see how well I do.


Sky Onosson said...

Lee Valley (on Ellice b/w St. James and Empress) has these little fruit fly traps that work pretty well. They look like white plastic flat-topped pyramids with three holes you puncture on top, and some kind of liquid inside that draws the flies in to their deaths. Two for about $10 I think, each one lasts about a month.

I can't help with any of the other stuff!

Rob Hagiwara said...

For anyone who is paying attention: Today is Thursday and so far I have done

my prep, including my quiz
something about the fruitflies (thanks, Sky!)
one load of laundry
one random domestic task
paid my ACN invoice

I have decided not to blog on the subject of the strike, although next week I may blog on the subject of the continuing CAW strike on campus.

Tonight I expect to accomplish my first read of the Phono paper and put into writing the beginnings of my review for JPhon. And another random domestic task.