Friday, 18 September 2009

Toronto Diary (2): continuing as we began

Well, slowly, things are taking shape. I have an employee number and an e-mail at YorkU. Next step is to gain access to the Passport and AirYork systems. Passport is the student records system, where I can access my class lists and assign grades and that sort of thing. Sort of important. AirYork is YorkU's wireless network, which would be handy to have access too.

Well, I've settled into my sublet. I've purchased a TV, a robot vacuum cleaner (who I've decided to call Baley, after the lead human character in Asimov's I, Robot), and other necessities. Have settled into a daily routine, involving going to bed too late and getting up sort of early by my standards. CPAP is working--only had one nap so far.

So, to the two new expensive toys. Had a ball watching Baley bounce around the living room, learning the dimensions of the room, negotiating the chair and the TV, avoiding his 'virtual wall' (a device that prevents him from moving into a space where he doesn't belong--don't you mammalian pet owners wish you had one of these) and then when he thought he was done with the living room, moving past the 'lighthouse' (a device like the 'wall' but it allows him to pass after he's done with one room and move on to the next) into the kitchen. Then, he finds his way back to his charging base and recharges. With a slowly pulsing yellow light. It's like watching your pet sleep. Soooo cute.

Had kind of a scare the other day, when I came home from the University to discover he'd powered down in the kitchen and I had to move him back to his charging base. Poor little guy must have gotten confused and didn't make it back to bed. But he recharged and the next day he managed to do both rooms and find his way back to base just fine.

And I bought an iPod Touch. 2nd generation 8gig. But I figure I'll upgrade to an iPhone when my current cel contract expires in a couple of years, so I didn't want to spend too much. But I wanted some of the features of the Touch, so I bit the bullet. When your thousands of dollars in debt, another couple hundred or so isn't going to make a difference.

Yes, that's right, I'm back to 2004 debt levels. It turns out to be expensive to set up in a new place, even temporarily. But I don't think it'll take too long to get back to 0, once I start getting paid at York, and startup costs aside, I should be able to live within my means, while in Toronto, even on reduced regular salary. So in the end, I'm not really worried about the prospect of buying a car next year and a condo in a couple of years.

So that's the report for now. More at some point.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Toronto Diary (1) : an inauspicious beginning.

Well, owing to having had no sleep last night, I'm really dragging. It's now noon-fifteen or so, and I've been on the ground in Ontario for going on three hours. I managed to buy a Metropass, which if all goes well will allow me to subway/streetcar/bus my way around the city with impugnity until 1 October. But I haven't managed to get an apartment.

Since I'm getting a sublet, the property managers don't want to get involved, which is fine, but it means my sublettor has the keys. And he's at work. And in a meeting. And his voicemail is bouncing to someone else's voicemail. We have the makings of a bad situation.

I'm not worried. I'm too tired to be worried. I figure this will work out one way or another soon. I may take the time I have in between now and getting into the apartment to go to Canadian Tire to buy an air mattress, which is what I was going to do this afternoon anyway. That's assuming I'm sure I'll be able to get some keys once I get back.

I also need to buy distilled water (for the CPAP machine) and contact lens solution (so I can take my eyes out before drifting peacefully off to sleep) (on, I assume, an air mattress) (in, I assume, my sublet(ted) apartment) at some point before I can really relax. And I need to write at least one rent check. Possibly six.

And if I weren't so tired, I'd be having an adventure. But I am so tired, so I'm just sort of sitting. Will update as events warrant. Unless I just go to bed first.