Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Progress on all fronts

Well, not quite all fronts, but things are going okay this week.

In spite of a sore back (for which I blame Bridge Pose in yoga last week), I've been out for a couple of walks, enjoying the sunshine and the rain. I've cooked a couple of serious meals, and am gearing up for a good Sauce session, probably on Friday. The Blood Pressure is 'under control', as is the diet and the sugars and most all else. The new Drug is having its desired anti-anxiety effect, and sleep is occurring acceptably.

The outer structure (i.e. walls and ceiling) of the new lab are done, carpet is on the way, booth is on the way, so probably by end-June I'll be setting up a lab. Woo hoo. Sometime between now and then I'll be moving offices. To which office I'm not sure. I had a choice, I made a choice, my Head said he'd work on it, and all I know is that at some point I'll have to move. I plan to spend most of my time in the lab anyway.

And today, my long awaited paper has come out. Bless CJL. "(in press)" now becomes "51.2/3, pp: 127-141, 2007." Yee haw.

So I have three weeks or so to decide whether I'm moving this year. Don't wanna bother, but if I tried, I could probably save myself a couple hundred a month in rent. Which could go toward eventually getting me into the townhouse of my dreams. Or I could just be more careful and not have to move. Indolence works, a lot of the time.

Plan today is to finish up, swing by Canadian Tire and find something that will hold up a parachute hammock I bought two years ago (I'm thinking strappy thingies for the railing of my balcony) and I'll spend part of the evening reading and catching up on stuff at home, perhaps a-hammock. If my back can take it. We'll see. But I'm not going to spend another summer not using my balcony, and the only thing my balcony is really useful for is my hammock.

So anyway, things are going pretty well.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Change sux

Well, it's been a year. First, my massage guy lost his space, and disappeared without forwarding, so I've been without a massage guy for a year. I suppose I could go do something about that, but whatever. Then last summer my GP decided to take a new job (in Nanaimo), so I'm still breaking in a new GP. And now it turns out I'm losing my yoga teacher. She's taking a new job and can't fit my gym's yoga classes into her new schedule, so there goes that. They're looking for a new instructor, but I'm not sanguine. So I guess I'll spend part of the summer looking at 'alternatives'. I mean, I'm all for people getting on with their lives and careers and so on, but this is about me. Change sux, and that's all there is to it.

If I were good at change, I'd have moved out of my apartment and into someplace new a long time ago. I'd have found a way to recycle the old TV and computer that are still sitting in my closet waiting for me to do something with them. I'd have invested in new pots and pans, like I really, really need to do. And I'd've long ago found a new massage guy.

Goals for the summer: Find an 'alternative' for yoga. Get the apartment clean enough that I could move out easily if I had to, including getting rid of the old computer and TV. And maybe find a new massage guy.