Friday, 24 April 2009

Thots on international (sort of) travel

In no particular order:

1)Getting back into Canada is easier if you have an unexpired PR card

2)It's definitely worth spending the money to sit in the private lounge if you have more than an hour or so before takeoff--especially if you plan to eat something and caffeinate anyway

3)You think you're going to have a lot of time to get stuff done, especially since *none* of your students forked over any manuscript to deal with while you're travelling, but you don't really

4)American dollar bills suck compared to loonies and toonies

5)American tens and twenties rock

6)Free wifi is just about everywhere one is likely to want to go anyway

7)It's sort of sad that your parents have to get old and doddery, but I suppose that is the way of it

8)Flying is way easier if you carefully select belts and shoes that don't set off the metal detector