Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The virtues(?) of organic bread.

I've been buying organic bread from the grocery store, since I can't get myself interested enough to get it better and fresher from the bakery.

Organic. You know, grown without chemical pesticides and all that.

Organic. You know, without any useful preservatives.

Organic. You know, supporting life. As in mold. As in the mold that starts growing on it within 36 hours of getting into my house.

Organic. You know, as in you get a whole sandwich out of it before it gets too disgusting to eat.

As opposed to the non-organic. Which has more fiber, fewer net carbs per slice, and will last a whole week before it starts growing penicillin pre-cultures on it.

Better living through chemistry, I say. Or is that DuPont?

But the point is, while I don't mind spending a little more for organic bread (or anything else, I suppose), if I can't count on it still being edible after two days, let alone three, as a single, type II diabetic, person, it Just Aint Worth It. So I'm going to stop.

On the other hand, there's things I'm going to start (again). It's fall now, school is in full swing, and I'm back in weekly yoga classes, and this past Monday I had my first playwri(gh)ting class. So I'm adding structure to my life in a lot of ways, and one of those ways is I'm going back to my 10-minutes-a-day strategy. That means I'm going to spend (at least) 10 minutes doing something domestic, cleaning/organizing-wise, in my apartment. See previous posts about the details of enactic this strategy in your own life, if you need order and discipline in your life, but are only willing to do it in 10 minute intervals.

Monday, 22 September 2008

And now it's the coffee maker

Every (old) device in my life is dying. I expect the car to explode any minute.

A few months ago, I replaced my coffee maker, because I found a beautiful Cuisinart coffee maker in black with a stainless steel carafe, a drip-stop valve, cone filter, 1 hour shut off, beautiful lovely wunnerful coffeemaker for cheap. So I took my old one, which I've had since college, which was getting ornery, to school.

Today, it decided to leak more water than it was willing to make coffee out of. So I guess it's time to kiss it a fond goodbye and drop its *ss in the garbage. Next I'll have to do that with the vacuum cleaner, which still technically works but all the attachments have disintegrated. And of course the TV, which has a funny yellow spot which comes and goes but mostly lately just sits there. But elsewise, everything seems okay, device wise....

Monday, 15 September 2008

Proud owner of a dead laptop

A few months ago, I couldn't get my laptop computer to boot. I took it to my IT guy and he managed to get it working, with the warning, "It could last two hours, or two years." Well, closer to two months.

I now I have dead laptop. Or close enough to dead to be worthy of a dignified passing. Let it go.

Now I need a new laptop. The problem is I bought a new computer a while ago, so I'm all set for home stuff. Really the laptop is for catching up with stuff at coffee houses, and for travelling. Which, in spite of recent excesses, I don't do a lot.

But how long can I bear to be without one?

Did I mention all the writing I was planning to do this term? Not only finally getting a paper or two out, but I'm taking a playwriting class. Daddy gots to have his keys 'n pixels.

So we'll see how long it last. But I feel the electronics stores calling me. But I'm also || this close to being out of debt completely, thanks to some creative international financing. By || this close, I mean *days*. Like I think I get paid tomorrow, and could be out of debt with a few keystrokes. Well, that and however much I've stacked up on my new HBC card in the last month, but that won't be that much. But the point is, "Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in."

So depending on what goes in in playwriting class tonight, I might be able to leave it a few weeks. Although the back-to-school sales are still on. *sigh*

Life's rough sometimes.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Friday, 12 September 2008

Fanboy lives!

I've been reliving some of my Silver Age Legion roots since my last post, courtesy of the WWW. I got intrigued by a rather extensive presenation of commentary, essays, and history by I'm not sure who, but this
article really piqued (peeked?) my interest, in light of my last post. Doing the 'who would you cast as X in the movie' but using contemporary stars (contemporary with the Silver Age Legion) the keeper of the site in question has some interesting images, as well as commentary.

I'm pretty sure it's 'piqued', but I'm too wiped out to care right now.