Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The virtues(?) of organic bread.

I've been buying organic bread from the grocery store, since I can't get myself interested enough to get it better and fresher from the bakery.

Organic. You know, grown without chemical pesticides and all that.

Organic. You know, without any useful preservatives.

Organic. You know, supporting life. As in mold. As in the mold that starts growing on it within 36 hours of getting into my house.

Organic. You know, as in you get a whole sandwich out of it before it gets too disgusting to eat.

As opposed to the non-organic. Which has more fiber, fewer net carbs per slice, and will last a whole week before it starts growing penicillin pre-cultures on it.

Better living through chemistry, I say. Or is that DuPont?

But the point is, while I don't mind spending a little more for organic bread (or anything else, I suppose), if I can't count on it still being edible after two days, let alone three, as a single, type II diabetic, person, it Just Aint Worth It. So I'm going to stop.

On the other hand, there's things I'm going to start (again). It's fall now, school is in full swing, and I'm back in weekly yoga classes, and this past Monday I had my first playwri(gh)ting class. So I'm adding structure to my life in a lot of ways, and one of those ways is I'm going back to my 10-minutes-a-day strategy. That means I'm going to spend (at least) 10 minutes doing something domestic, cleaning/organizing-wise, in my apartment. See previous posts about the details of enactic this strategy in your own life, if you need order and discipline in your life, but are only willing to do it in 10 minute intervals.


D. Sky Onosson said...

Does putting it in the fridge delay the rate of decay?

...also, if I put in 10 minutes of domestic work a day... I'd get kicked out of the house!!

Rob Hagiwara said...

Not in my refrigerator... And 10 minutes is really all I can stand these days.