Monday, 22 September 2008

And now it's the coffee maker

Every (old) device in my life is dying. I expect the car to explode any minute.

A few months ago, I replaced my coffee maker, because I found a beautiful Cuisinart coffee maker in black with a stainless steel carafe, a drip-stop valve, cone filter, 1 hour shut off, beautiful lovely wunnerful coffeemaker for cheap. So I took my old one, which I've had since college, which was getting ornery, to school.

Today, it decided to leak more water than it was willing to make coffee out of. So I guess it's time to kiss it a fond goodbye and drop its *ss in the garbage. Next I'll have to do that with the vacuum cleaner, which still technically works but all the attachments have disintegrated. And of course the TV, which has a funny yellow spot which comes and goes but mostly lately just sits there. But elsewise, everything seems okay, device wise....

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D. Sky Onosson said...

When I first moved out of home in my 2nd year at the U of M (the first time, early '90s) I had a little 12 or 14" tv. It started to develop a little black bar across the entire bottom of the screen. This grew taller and taller, and eventually got to be about 2" tall. Sometime after that started, the same thing began to develop at the top of the screen, only it went much farther and faster - by the end it descended about 5" from the top of the screen.

By that time, every program was a series of images of people's midriffs and knees. I decided at that point to give up tv, which I pretty much did successfully for six or seven years. With two kids (not to mention the wife) I don't think I could ditch the tv at home - though I sure would if I could!