Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Toronto Diary (1) : an inauspicious beginning.

Well, owing to having had no sleep last night, I'm really dragging. It's now noon-fifteen or so, and I've been on the ground in Ontario for going on three hours. I managed to buy a Metropass, which if all goes well will allow me to subway/streetcar/bus my way around the city with impugnity until 1 October. But I haven't managed to get an apartment.

Since I'm getting a sublet, the property managers don't want to get involved, which is fine, but it means my sublettor has the keys. And he's at work. And in a meeting. And his voicemail is bouncing to someone else's voicemail. We have the makings of a bad situation.

I'm not worried. I'm too tired to be worried. I figure this will work out one way or another soon. I may take the time I have in between now and getting into the apartment to go to Canadian Tire to buy an air mattress, which is what I was going to do this afternoon anyway. That's assuming I'm sure I'll be able to get some keys once I get back.

I also need to buy distilled water (for the CPAP machine) and contact lens solution (so I can take my eyes out before drifting peacefully off to sleep) (on, I assume, an air mattress) (in, I assume, my sublet(ted) apartment) at some point before I can really relax. And I need to write at least one rent check. Possibly six.

And if I weren't so tired, I'd be having an adventure. But I am so tired, so I'm just sort of sitting. Will update as events warrant. Unless I just go to bed first.

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