Thursday, 23 November 2006

Some people worry about computers being 'too smart'

I've said this before, but computers are just not smart enough.

In particular, I believe computers, or at least my office computer, should be smarter.

In particular, if I'm writing an e-mail that includes the line "I'm attaching to this e-mail a file called 'somefile.pdf'", the computer should be smart enough to attach the bleep-ing file called 'somefile.pdf' to the bleep-ing e-mail.

Or failing that, it should be smart enough to ask "Do you really want to send this e-mail without attaching "somefile.pdf" like you said you would?"

If computers, or in particular my computer, could do this, much valuable bandwidth and disk space could be spared.

And at least in my case, many, many useless e-mails could be avoided.

And before you object: Of course it is the computer that should be smarter. I'm smart enough.


EilisFlynn said...

Ahem--since WE program the software and computers, WE should be smarter. The computers and software are faster and remember when something slips our attention, but WE tell them. The master/slave dynamic, as it were.

Rob Hagiwara said...

Well, someone should be smarter about program the computer. Me, I'm still smart enough.

BTW, do I get a copy of your book when it comes out, or do I have to plunk down money for it?