Friday, 19 January 2007

The credit where credit is due department

Just in case they're googling themselves and want to know what I've said about them (?), I thought I'd name names re: the phantoms in the "Rocky Horror Show" production I was raving about. I figure the leads and featureds can conjure their own publicity, but I want to throw a little recognition to these chorus boys-and-girls.

So, in alphabetical order, 'hunch' was Karen Burthwright, 'knock-knees' was Dena Chiarossi, 'twitch' was Caden Douglas, and 'toe-first' was David Lopez. Karen was also dance captain. I'm not sure what a dance captain does. I have a vague idea what choreographers and assistant choreographers do (choreograph and yell at dancers to do what the choreographer wants, respectively), but I know nothing about dance captains. David was also understudying for Frank and Riff, and like I say, talk about tripling your costume budget. I guess you could sew David into some of Frank's gowns, but since it looked like David was a foot taller than Riff-Raff, well, either you make new costumes or you have a very comical looking Riff. Which maybe is how it would work.

So, gang, the other question I have for you (David and Karen in particular) is if/when David has stepped into one of the leads for a perf, what happens to the choreography? There were some gags with heads popping out of holes in the curtain and lots of symmetrical dance figures, and lots of two-people-on-a-piece set hauling in this show. If one of you is missing, what happens? For the face gags, I guess the actor doubling Eddie and Dr Scott could do the face-popping, but since he's busy for a lot of the show, he wouldn't be around to spin ramps and whatnot. And for the dance numbers, does Caden (or whoever is opposite) cheat to center stage when David isn't there to make up the other side of the symmetrical pattern? Or is that something We Just Don't Worry About?

Anyway, that's my attempt at supporting aspiring artists for the moment. And satisfying some curiosity about backstage stuff. I won't ask any specific questions about specific gags or business, just in case I'm Giving Something Away. At least not until the show closes.

Oh, one last props to Stephanie Plaitin, who was the assistant director of the production by virtue of her award from the Jean Murray-Moray Sinclair Apprenticeship program. Yay Steph. Stephanie recruited me to be a Team Leader at the Fringe last year (on recommendation of several previous Team Leader's I'd worked for), so I feel like I owe a lot to her in terms of putting me back in touch with The Theatah. Good On Ya, kiddo!

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