Monday, 12 March 2007

Daylight Shmavings Time

Much as I enjoy going home while it's still light, I figure it's staying lighter later anyway, and Daylight Savings Time just makes it more likely I have to go to work while it's still dark.

Why do we do this? And why does George Bush believe screwing around with the clock is a good thing? Seems to me any energy we save in the evening is energy we use in the morning. The cows don't care about DST, and consequently neither do the farmers.

I like DST, because it usually marks the midway point (more or less) between New Years and my birthday, so it (and the corresponding switch back), makes a good time to switch out toothbrushes, check batteries in smoke alarms and flashlights, and so on. So as bad an idea as DST is, it has its benefits. But screwing around with it seems to be without any value at all. And yet a large number of people (read the Canadian government) has jumped on the bandwagon. Except Saskatchewan, which never held with the whole DST thing anyway. Like Arizona. I never thought I'd think of Saskatchewan as a sensible place, it being basically like Manitoba but rectangular, but in this, Saskatchewan Rocks. As does Arizona.

So I'm going home, in the daylight, to crawl into bed and get some much needed sleep.

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