Saturday, 29 September 2007

Ya gotta love the internet

I'm here in my sister Kathy's house, on my sister Kathy's computer, following a family Thing and debating when I can make a decent exit without giving up on the opporunity to overeat. But anyway, I decided to climb on the computer, and check my e-mail, and then...

Well, here I am, posting to my blog, from 1800 miles away from home and office.

To my students who are reading this, you should be reading.

To my head who is depending on me to order a cake for the event on Friday, all is well.

To the editor who is expecting a review from me in a week or so, I'm working on it.

To my friend Kevin who may be reading this blog from the Netherlands, I have liberated the espresso machine from your office and will be offering treats to select friends in your absence. So there.

To my many fans who are wondering where and when the October spectrogram will come up, I'm on the road, and won't be back until Tuesday night.

So for now, Bask in the Blogness of Rob, even at a distance, while Rob is basking in the availability of Mexican food, gourmet burgers, and almond breaded chicken.


wsf said...


Good to see you again after all these years. Winnipeg Vowels is a nice article, nicely written. Keep it up!

Uncle Bill

Rob Hagiwara said...

"Uncle" Bill?