Sunday, 25 November 2007

Things I'm not going to spend money on ... for a while

This is a list of things that I think I am sort of in the market for. Not necessarily immediately, but I'm looking.

The Townhouse. I deeply covet a very spacious townhouse in the Linden Woods section of town. I'll settle for one of the less spacious townhouses a little further south, but whatever. Since I can't afford a down payment of any kind right now, I'm not planning to buy in the forseeable. But Me Wantee. Me Wantee Bad.

The Wii. I sort of got permission to buy a Wii from my endocrinologist. This is after I promised myself that (after the DS) I would never buy another console again. But you can play tennis and stuff on the Wii. On your feet. Full body movement. If your gonna play video games anyway, they might as well almost qualify as exercise. According to my endocrinologist. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. This could actually happen if a) I get my living room clean enough to play tennis in, if you follow, and b) the prices come down a little (or there's a really good sale before Xmas).

The car. I need a new car. My current car is too big, has no CD or mp3 player, and a couple of weeks ago my last useful cup holder broke. (Late addition that I forgot about, I lost my remote door thingie back in June and have had to open my doors and trunk with the key!) Horrors. But a) I can't afford a new car at this point and b) I'm not sure what kind I want. I want to go green(er), and since 99% of my driving is on surface streets in the city, it makes sense to go hybrid, or smart, or even plug-in electric (there's a Canadian model which as recently been approved for sale in Canada--but the top speed is about 80 km/h, which make sit not-useful for occasional trips across the border, let alone anwyhere else). I'm sort of stuck with GM, since the only trade-in value I'm going to get is from GM, and only out of some weird inverse sense of product/customer loyalty, since my current car is a Chevrolet. If the Chevy Volt ever becomes a real car, I'll have to think seriously about it.

The Internet Connection. I'm on the verge of a) dumping the land line and b) buying internet service from the cable company. Which brings me to ...

The new computer. This is critical. I recently purchased a wireless card for my laptop, which is my only computer at home at the moment. But the wireless card makes it more useful for travel and trips to the coffee house, and since it's perfectly functional I figure it'll last me another couple of years at least. But that means I'd really like to get a real desktop computer for home. Something with some real speed, and plays decent game--er, can run a spreadsheet and a document, and a powerpoint, and print a PDF at the same time. SOmething fast enough to run the internet connection at a speed that's worth having (it). So these two are sort of linked.

But Vista is still a little unstable, if you ask me, and I don't want a Mac. So I want to wait another six months or so before going for the computer. I might buy a monitor and/or keyboard, with Xmas coming up and presumably some decent sales going on, in preparation for a new computer, but anyway, that's the plan.

Just call me Potential Consumer Boy.

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