Sunday, 13 January 2008


It's Sunday, and I just realized that I didn't do my Thursday update.

The reason (that it wasn't a 'usual' Thursday) is no excuse, since I'm not sure I've had a usual Thursday in I don't know how long. And, it being the beginning of a) the year, b) the term, c) my acting headship, 'usual' hasn't been established yet.

But on Thursday I met with the Deanlet of Space (hi, Barry) regarding the land grab we're trying to orchestrate--there's a pair of offices one-off-adjacent to the lab that are otherwise derelict and there's money to renovate research space. So I drafted some stuff, met with Deanlet Space and drafted a memo to the Deanlet of Research (hi, Janice). Then I tidied up some stuff and did some planning for the coming weekend/week, and went home.

Friday wasn't so bad. Yesterday was my Day of Rest. Today I'm going to do some tidying up around the house and later this afternoon I'll take myself off to the coffee house to get some reading done. Maybe some writing. We'll see.

Tomorrow my Yoga class starts up again and I can't wait. I really want to work out the kink in my lower lumbar/saccral area that sidelined me for a week in December.

So that's all. I'll try to have something useful to say eventually.

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