Wednesday, 13 February 2008

To sleep, perchance to ... um, sleep.

Tuesday has become my MHGS day, as I have mentioned. So yesterday I sat down and discovered that not only have I not been working on my goals, I had actually forgotten a major task from last month. So I spent most of my useful waking hours dealing with that.

Here's the thing. I got to bed very late on Monday. After midnight. So even though I slept in until 9am, I was still tired. I got up, had some coffee and breakfast, sat down to accomplish something, got distracted, and let's just say that by noon I was ready for a nap again.

I didn't succumb immediately, which was probably a mistake. But by 3:30, I was about ready to go face first into the keyboard, so I went for a brief lie down. Which lasted until about 7pm. Not good.

So I went to bed last night around 12:30 again, and had a pretty good night, such that by 8am I was actually awake, out of bed, and functioning. So now I'm having breakfast and catching up with the MHGS.

So all the goals remain in place. The good news is that next week is 'mid term break', and Monday is an actual holiday (the first ever 'Louis Riel Day', which is just an excuse for a civic statutory holiday in Manitoba in February--in other provinces, there's "Family Day" which is even flimsier an excuse, as far as I can tell). So I'm expecting to have Monday and Tuesday to catch up with a lot of paperwork. On Wednesday, I have my big meeting with the Dean where I explain our timetabling needs and he tells me to come up with a new plan that doesn't cost any money (so I should give some thought to that before the meeting). Then, depending on road conditions, I might make a quick run to Trader Joes, in Maple Grove. Although having gotten that far it seems a shame not to hit IKEA in Bloomington, but that sounds like a lot of money in the long run.

So I still need to commit to 10 minutes a day of domestic activity, practicing my ASL has fallen by the wayside, the vacuum cleaner is still in the trunk of the car.

On the other hand, I'm awake and functioning and it's only 9:15am.

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