Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Suddenly, it's March

It's now the fourth day of March, and I'm still working on February. Leap day took me totally unawares, in spite of all the talk of leaplings and Superman's birthday and whatnot (although how people manage to equate 'years of age' with 'numbers of birthdays celebrated is beyond me).

But the biggest weirdity is that I still don't have a March spectrogram up. So far no one has called to complain, but I just completely flummoxed up this month. And since my voice isn't quite back yet, I'm thinking of yet again recycling and old one. Actually, two more and I can do away with the 2001 archive. But that's not really the point. I just couldn't cope with the spectrogram stuff. So that's what I'm doing today, when I'm not working on next year's timetable. Argh.

I was going to go into work today to do all this, but now that it's noon, I don't really have the energy, and I don't think picking up now and changing location would be good for the momentum I've developed so far.

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