Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The season's first mosquito bite

I went out to get a little exercise (very little, but at least I did it) and pick up some groceries. And when I got to the store (a whole block away, see above) there was this persistent itch on the back of my left ankle. Itch itch itch. Itched so much it almost hurt. Every couple of steps in the store I had to stop and rub it with my other foot. (I don't go around touching my feet in grocery stores with my hands as a rule.) When I got back home, I checked. Yup. Little tiny blood spot, raised little welt around it. I'd been bit.

And it's supposed to snow tonight. Hard. Damn little buggers. Die! Die!

Note to self: Don't take yourself to bed in the afternoon with the excuse that you'll snuggle under a warm blanket (did I mention it's expected to snow tonight? Hard?) while you catch up on some reading, because you'll just end up taking another four-hour nap.

The vicious cycle continues.

Almost typed that 'viscous'. *sigh*

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