Saturday, 10 May 2008

Il pleut. Llueve. It's raining.

Fitting end to my pilgrimmage to the old country.

I seem only to have had fast food Mexican on this trip (if I can delay my drive back enough I'll stop in at a real restaurant for a late lunch/early supper later). But Taco John's is still a big step up above Taco Bell, at least in Canada. Chicken taco salad, and then later a steak burrito. Mmm.

Okay, shopping report. Albertville yielded a decent pair of shoes, four pairs of pants, shorts, and at least one shirt that I can recall. IKEA yielded toffee candy (for the office--I try not to indulge unless I'm hypo), a middle-sized saucepan to go in between the little one and the big one and the bigger one that I got as a set last year), a couple of small 'soda' 'pitchers' that I'm going to use as tumblers, and a pair of narrow-ended tongs. I like tongs in my kitchen. Trader Joe's yielded sundry jarred goods for me and gifties, and some cookies. Okay, those I'll indulge in, but in small quantities over long periods of time.

I'm now listening to Car Talk on the radio, having listened to about an hour of Weekend Edition this morning. I miss NPR.

I was too late for fresh biscuits this morning, so I'm having my Hampton Inn sausage patties on a bagel. Raisin, but it was the only one that looked like it had a useful grain. And some yogurt. And coffee. Ahh. I'm going to have to remember this kind of breakfast when I get home.

Note to Hampton Inn, Fargo: Hampton Inn, Maple Grove, has cute little round eggy things to go with their sausage and biscuits. Mmm.

Okay, must finish my yogurt (which thank &deity; isn't spelled 'yogourt' down here. It's the little things that make you miss your home country).

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