Thursday, 5 June 2008

'Tis been a day

Broke fast in B&B style. Went out to pick up the pants I bought yesterday but left to have hemmed. Also picked up a tank top and some underwear that's a little lighter than that which I brought with me, owing to the fact that tomorrow, or so they say, is going to hit 31C, with a humidex (which is the Canadian version of the heat index, but less useful because the number doesn't actual mean anything) above 40. So tomorrow will be spent probably not going to IKEA, in my swim trunks and probably a wet (either by design or by biological function rendered useless by the humidex) tank top, which if I'm lucky I'll get to at least rinse out tonight.

But back to today. I went to the Royal Ontario Museum, which as museums go was not quite as overrun with schoolchildren as it might have been. Wandered through most of the galleries, which just went on and on and on. The Darwin exhibit (The Evolution Revolution) was great. As were the prehistoric mammals. The dinosaurs could use some work, but then that's the nature of dinosaurs. It was sort of fun wandering through the bird exhibit with a small child running around (in the care of a tired but game looking mother) shouting "'N oiseau! 'N oiseau!" at every bird in the place. I tried to get him interested in the 'oiseaux tres grands' but I don't think the ostrich and the emu qualified as birds for the little guy. I almost stopped and col(u)red with a couple of museum wonks who clearly had had enough of the endless tykage for a while, but by then I was tired and just wanted to be done. If I'd stopped I'd probably still not have gotten back up.

V. tired feet now. And me without my peppermint foot spray.

I just got back to the B&B (about 5pm), and was preparing to go back out in search of dinner, but just a moment ago, there was a huge clap of thunder and now it's raining. Not like it was raining this morning, which was barely sprinkling, but in that Canadians tend to overreact to a little rain everyone's dander was up. But now it's actually raining. Like wet and splashy. So maybe I'll just dash across the street for some curry rather than go several blocks up and over in search of that chicken burrito I've been craving since walking past the place yesterday. But it's three or four further blocks in the rain, and Robby ain't that fond of rain. Any more than he's fond of humidity, I guess.

So I'm hanging out, hoping the rain stops before about 6pm, when I really, really need to go get some food.

And then it'll be an early night because a) I'm tired, and b) my feet hurt and c) it's going to thunderstorm all night. And tomorrow's gonna be brutal unless I can find a nice air-conditioned place to hang out without spending a lot of money. Maybe I'll just install myself at the curry place for the day. They must have AC.

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