Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I <heart> WestJet

And not because Facebook pal and former student Lauren Ham works for them.

They have economical flights (although for long flights, I would still rather spend the extra money on business class) for the shortish hops that Winnipeg to Anywhere usually involves. They have a service that e-mails you about seat sales and what not (my first official e-mail from WestJet was about three years ago, with an April Fools joke--anybody remember the "Blended Winglets" gag?. Gotta love a company with a sense of humor.) And I've just gotten really enamored of web check-in.

Twenty-four hours before your flight, you can log in and select your seat, print your boarding pass, and then all you have to do when checking in is drop your luggage on a belt and go have coffee and a paper until it's time to go through security.

WestJet has relatively small planes (the whole fleet is 737s) so there's no huge hassle getting on board. And I try to check in early and grab an exit row, just to get on the plane and settled early. Someday, when I have to remain calm in an emergency, I may regret that, but in general, I do okay in emergencies anyway.

So here I am, sitting in my favo(u)rite coffee place, checking in for tomorrow's flight, having a lime italian soda, and basking in the good news from the endocrinologist (A1C down to a comfortable 6.4, weight down a little, blood pressure a human 120/80), and trying to decide how badly I need to find a wedding present before I go home and pack. I'll be in and out of touch (gotta love hotels with free wireless).

So I'm going to finish my soda, maybe do some quick shopping, dash home and pack, clean house, make sure all the dead food is thrown out. Don't wanna come home to an apartment full of fruit flies again. Yech.

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