Thursday, 28 August 2008

Too many videos

I really don't spend much time on YouTube, but here's another one.

I used to be into comics. Almost exclusively DC. I grew up in the Late Silver Age. Crisis ruined almost everything. The only thing that sort of continued to make sense was the Legion of Super-Heroes. And then it stopped making sense. Luckily, Zero Hour came along to fix everything. The Legion was the Legion again. And it was working. For quite a while. And then it started to fall apart. So they did Legion Lost and it's sort of sequel Legion Worlds. Lots of stuff went wrong, in terms of killing off characters I really liked and whatnot, but once they got back together, the Legion became the Legion again.

And then everything fell apart. I haven't participated in the latest Legion reboot. I couldn't take it. I'm not a fan of dystopian futures. I'm not a fan of 13-year-old Superheroes, especially when they're drawn as 23-year-olds. I'm not a fan of mindless fanboy cults. Although I like the idea of a 30-foot hero whose power is shrinking down to human scale.

So anyway, I'm off the Legion. Although the couple of cartoons I've seen have peaked (piqued?) my interest (except for the cyborgy B5). But sometimes things cross my radar. For instance this, which I stumbled across while looking for tips for Photoshopping pictures.

One for all my fanboy friends out there. LLL.

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