Monday, 10 November 2008

Things to remember to do this Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day (known in the old country as Veterans Day) is tomorrow, November 11th, and accordingly everything is closed. Or most things are closed except when their not. Or something.

So shopping, going out for brekkies/brunch/lunch/snack/dinner not so much in the cards, because likely any place I want to go won't be open when I want to go there. Including the University.

So tomorrow, I have to 'work' from 'home'. Which shouldn't be a problem, except that I never seem to get much work done at home, what with the mounting distractions.

So back into goal-setting mode, here are the things I want to accomplish tomorrow (apologies to any out there for whom remembering or veteraning are principal activities for Remembrance Day)

1) get up and out of bed and hopefully fed and caffeinated before the cannons start (I live basically a couple of blocks from Memorial Park, where every holiday there is a 21 cannon salute. Not gun, cannon. On most holidays, it occurs at noon, rattles windows and nerves, but is basically innocuous. On Remembrance Day it occurs at 11:11 am. Which should be fine, unless your like me and you think you want to sleep in on holidays, so this goal is about getting out of bed at a normal hour, something I failed to do this morning)

2) Write (set) the exam for Communication Disorders for Wednesday afternoon.

3) Write (set) the exam for Anatomy on Friday (if I don't do it tomorrow, I'll end up having to do it on Thursday and I don't wanna)

4) Dig out some of my old data files and try to get them marked up in Praat enough to do a trial run on Will's/Sky's scripts to see if I can figure out how to run my data through Praat

5) If (4) is successful, then try to get R running and see if I can figure out how to get it to do anything useful.

These last two don't have to happen tomorrow, but if I can at least get one or the other started for next week, when some movement on that front must be on the way to occurring.

6) Clean something. Or start to. Or try to start to. Or at least put something away. Maybe sort some laundry. Something like that.

Things not to do tomorrow:

waste time playing computer games
waste (too much) time on Facebook
work on my play rewrites because it's more fun than doing any of the above
forget my pills (something I've been doing a lot lately)

Thus speaketh the planner.

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Colleen said...

So. . .the best laid plans ended up how?