Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Busy, not bizzay

Okay, I'm going to see if it's somehow the content of my attempted posts, as opposed to their length, by posting on something completely different.

Good news, I'm cooking again. In the sense that every weekend for the last couple, I've made soup. This is good. Trust me.

Bad news, I'm swamped. I need to do some research for a conference presentation in May, on a project I should have finished more than a year ago, and have barely started. But right now I'm swamped with coursework, since I'm making up a course based on a new textbook. And I have 24 letters to write recommending or not recommending admission to the graduate program, or rather informing the applicants of the decision. It's not up to us to actually admit anyone.

THe good news on that front is that tonight the Brier (Canadian men's curling championship) isn't on regular cable, so I can't watch unless I want to stream So maybe I'll take myself somewhere and write e-mails to applicants, instead of going home and eating soup. Which is what I've done for the last week or so, except for the odd night when I decided I deserved a taco salad or a burrito.

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