Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Ah, unrequited love

I'm in love. And true to form, the object of my affection is slightly unattainable.

I looked at a townhouse last night. Technically, I might be able to afford it, but it would mean not affording anything else, possibly ever. So probably no go. But ...

Perfect location. Two bedrooms + 'bonus room' (larger than my first apartment in LA). Master en suite with walk-in (larger than my first office) and balcony. 2nd bath on bedroom floor. Washer/dryer on bedroom level (where the h*ll it belongs).

Main floor is mostly open concept. L-shaped kitchen with large island. Hardwood dining/living rooms with screened in 3-season room. Powder room. Two-car garage with direct access to the house. Full freakin' basement.

I tell ya, if the cooktop had been in the island instead of the against a wall, I'd be at the mortgage broker's right now. But it's not, and anyway, I can't really afford it. Just shy of $280K. Yeesh.

But it turns out the apartment condos in the same development do have underground parking (which is a requirement for me) and may be more affordable. And there's a less expensive development going in on the next block (all apartment condos, and most one-bedroom one-bath affairs, and I promised myself if I moved it would be into at least two bedrooms and at least two baths, which might be possible and said to be less expensive over all. So maybe I can scale back expectations (for a while) and move into something slightly less than 'perfect' (sob) soon, and then revisit the whole thing in 5-10 years.

But *sigh*. Me wantee. Me wantee bad.

So if anyone can put me into an interesting space, in the S/SW section of the city, at least two bedrooms, at least two baths, underground/garage parking, W/D somewhere useful, for something I might be able to afford (or at least live with for 5-10 years), let me know.


EmeraldPrincessOnline said...

One of these days in the not too distant future that dream home will be yours. I'm on the verge of a breakthrough (income-wise) and hope soon to be able to return to you the lifeline you extended to me earlier this year... I have not forgotten that you came to my rescue when I was at my lowest point.

Rob Hagiwara said...

Aw, 'tweren't nuthin, doll. Seriously. That was a relative high point for me $$$wise, but given the current state of things in general, wouldn't have made much of a difference at this juncture. But I've sort of resigned myself to a 'new path'. I'm paying a lot more for my current apartment than I really need to, so I'm looking into doing something about that, and then revisiting the whole thing once I have some real $$$ in the bank....