Monday, 18 December 2006

So, two-and-a-half years later ...

I've said elsewhere that I'm basically a Nintendo guy. I've also decided that I'm in serious fiscal responsibility mode, for reasons which readers of this blog should find obvious. So new game systems are absolutely out for the time being. Nonetheless, some games cannot be overlooked.

So it is with "The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess". Released last month for Nintendo's nextgen system (Wii), it has now been released for GameCube. Which is a good thing, since it was first announced for GameCube a looooong time ago. And then delayed. And dithered about. And promised that it would not be released only for the nextgen system (then known only as "Revolution"). So early in 2004, as I recall, when they first announced it would be out "this fall", I went to a local games place, plunked $5 down, and reserved a copy.

So on December 16th of this year, I got a long-awaited phone call. It's in. I had to fight down the urge to go running off to the mall all weekend (but it is the weekend before the weekend before Christmas, after all). Finally picked it up this morning.

And now I'm at peace. I don't hear it calling to me from the trunk of my car. I just know it's there and am comfortable. I'm planning to rip open the package on Christmas Eve (cuz you can open one present on Christmas Eve, right before bed), and drift off to sleepyland reading the manual (because I always read the manual). And I expect to spend Christmas Day in a frenzy of gaming, not to be interrupted (except for food and assorted critical functions) until my right thumb is swollen until at least three times its normal size. I call it "Nintendo Thumb". It's painful, it's debilitating (I can't write, type, drive, or just about anything else useful with my dominant hand) for days until the swelling goes down, and it could just be one of those things that you recover from when you're young and not so much when you're older. And it's how I plan to spend much of the week between Christmas and New Years.

Which means I have to get all my papers marked and letters of recommendation written before Christmas. Eve. And this shouldn't be a problem. Except that it's what I meant to spend all of last week doing, and didn't. So we'll see. I'll keep you posted.


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