Sunday, 31 December 2006

Ending the old year with a bad case of Nintedo Thumb

Well, not so bad, as it turns out. Starting Christmas morning--well, early afternoon--I popped Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess into the Gamecube and started mashing buttons. Now a full week and 54 hours of gameplay later, I've finished the game.

Well, "finished" in the sense of beating the final enemy. There's a bunch of side quests that I haven't completed (at least 25 heart pieces and another 30 Poe souls, and I'm still not sure how to get at that chest outside the south gate of Hyrule Castle Town. And I just can't bring myself to mash buttons just to get to the bottom of the Cave of Ordeals, having made it to the 40th level. And who knows what all else I missed along the way). But it's done. Game Over. The End. I never have to buy another video game again as long as I live.

At least until "Phantom Hourglass" comes out. But I have to get a DS before I can play that.

For the record, I didn't just play Nintendo over break. I also played some poker on the computer. I've marked some papers, read some drafts, almost finished the reviews of one paper and one grant, set up next month's spectrogram for the website, and even made a good start on the stack of letters of recommendation I wanted to get out before Christmas. Okay, family-wise, I'm still working on getting Xmas 2004 out the door, but that's so back-burner I can't even work up the guilt over it any more.

So all in all 2006 will end well, with tight, but not seized up and swollen, first MCP joints on both hands. 2007 will begin badly, with getting yelled at by the endocrinologist, but that's my burden.

Hippo Gnu Ears from Blue Teddy Central.

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