Monday, 19 March 2007

Well, that was exciting

I'm migrating.

I'm migrating this blog onto the new version of Blogger, which shouldn't (have) affect(ed) any readers, but put me into a whole big mess of javascript loops and unenabled cookies, and no way to log on to request help. (If I can't log on, folks, I can't log in to click the thing that will take me to the contact page, especially if the first thing the contact page does is ask me to log in.) But now I think things have settled.

I'm migrating to Thunderbird for e-mail. This is because there's a 'portable' version that can live on my new USD flash drive (or whatever you call them--I usually call it my 'stick', but then that can be odd out of context). I lost my old USD flash drive (it's probably in my apartment somewhere with my HBC credit card that I haven't seen in two years), and replaced it with a bigger, cheaper one, which came loaded with all this stuff to make my life more portable. So now I'm migrating all my internet stuff (e-mail, blog, and browser) Mozilla products on the stick, so I can carry my cookies and saved e-mails and so on with me, and always have them when I log on, regardless of which machine I'm working on. Yee haw.

So anyway, I migrated to the new version of blogger, and due to a problem with my cookies or something got sent into a never-ending javascript-cookie loop which it took me until just now to fix.

Next our new lab will be ready to migrate to, and probably before the end of summer I'll be migrating to a new office, further down the hall. My Deanlet for space is big on 'consolidating' my department which is scattered over two floors (it used to be two buildings) into one corner of one floor. So I'll be moving sometime soon. Anything that gets me closer to the mens room and the stairwell to the new lab space (or rather the stairwell which is convenient to the new lab space) is presumably a good thing.

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