Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Two down, one to go

Grades are in for two of my classes. One left. The biggie. I formed my students in communication disorders into groups and made them research something and present in a poster session. Actually, I think it worked pretty well, except that we really need more than an hour to to do a poster session in. Maybe next time.

So I've done my appraisal of the posters. When writing up comments and actually assigning a mark I'll consult with the students' appraisals. Exactly how I'm not sure, but I will. Same with individual presenters marks. Since I didn't get to see everyone present, I'll be relying more heavily on student appraisals. And then there's the handout. I made them make a handout--a full resource on their topic, suitable for public consumption. Well, informed public consumption. Somebody interested who called up and asked their question would get their question fully answered by this handout. That was the idea.

So tomorrow I'm going to take myself off to breakfast somewhere, and really read these handouts. Mark them up. Rip them to shreds, where appropriate. Then I'll try to assign a grade to them as well.

Then on Thursday, before yoga in the evening, the plan is to look at individual performances, where I can, read individual reports (everybody had to do an individual appraisal of their own and their partners' performance), and try to synthesize everything into one big Mark. And then I can get them into the spreadsheet and calculate final grades. On Friday maybe, before the department meeting.

So I'm hoping starting Saturday I'll actually get a whole week off to think about other stuff. What are the odds?

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