Thursday, 28 June 2007

Okay, so here's what's up

My anticipated office move has been postponed indefinitely. Yay. Except now I have no excuse not to clean my office. And I'm now the farthest away from the department office and the stairway convenient to the new lab. But at least I'm closest to the copy machine.

The new lab is almost 'complete'. The recording booth has been delivered and Tang Chow from ElectroMedical is here (with a crew, I assume) to assemble it.

Keys to the new lab are here. But the paperwork telling us which key is whose (around here, keys get assigned as a personal responsibility) has not arrived, so they have not been dispensed.

Next step, get all the stuff out of storage and into the new lab, once we have keys. Who do we call to get professional movers, which is how we got stuff into storage in the first place?

And then, a big chunk of my professional life is going to be devoted to getting the lab into shape to receive actual students (not to mention study participants) before school starts in the fall.

Long weekend this weekend (Canada Day), the highlight of which for many is the World's Saddest Little Street Fair. Which is not what its organizers call it, but that's what it is. As for me, I'm going to try to make it south of the border (i.e. into the US) for some decent Mexican food.

Next week starts a 9-week yoga session with Craig (I think) rather than Colleen. Except Colleen is going to be filling in at least once, maybe twice. But whatever. Yoga goes on. Yay.

Starting Tuesday next week I have a string of appointments.
  • One of my former students (now a practicing speech-language pathologist) is planning to go back for a Ph.D., and I'm having lunch with him to talk 'statement of research interests' and that sort of thing.
  • Training on the system the University bought to make their web lives easier, which seems to mean making it impossible for us to do anything useful, or easily.
  • Nerve conduction test at the hospital to check to see if my ulnar nerves are on the verge of collapse or it's just the vitamin B12 deficiency my doctor has me working on.
  • Follow up with my doctor on the B12 deficiency. Apparently a normal daily intake of B12 is 5-7 micrograms, or something like that. I'm on 500. One of my regular drugs apparently can cause a problem with B12 absorption. And apparently B12 is important for nerve function. Who knew? But apparently in ruling out diabetic neuropathy, especially when one is on one of the drugs I'm on, you check the B12, and it turns out I'm B12 deficient. Haven't actually made this appointment yet, and I may wait until after the Fringe, just cuz.
  • Regular endocrinologist appointment to talk about the blood sugar, the weight, the blood pressure, and I presume the B12 and the ulnar nerve issues.
And most importantly, July 18-29 is the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. This is the 20th Fringe ("20 years to life"), and I'll be acting as a Warden (venue team leader) at Venues 8 and 9 (north side of the Conservatory building, otherwise known as the Crocus building, but we don't talk about Crocus anymore). It's going to be 12 days of hot hot hot theater, outdoor entertainment, food-from-carts, and so on.

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