Friday, 8 June 2007

Times like this I wish I had a hot tub

This is how stupid I am. All day I've been achy. All over. And it's just occurred to me why. I worked really hard yesterday in yoga. The good news, I suppose, is that I survived my first yoga class with an instructor other than my regular instructor, who I'll be losing anyway at the end of this session. So I guess my enjoyment/success/whatever of yoga isn't completely going to fall apart if I have to find a new instructor, which I do. Not that I was really expecting a huge catastrophe, but now I have some impetus to actually find a new yoga instructor.

Okay, so last night's guy was Craig, who normally teaches the Ashtanga 'power yoga' class at my gym. As opposed to 'slow flow yoga', which is what I do. Differences: 'power yoga' is a little more 'athletic'. With bouncing around and constant movement between poses. For 90 minutes at a time, which I just couldn't do. 'Slow flow' involves more holding of poses, using movement just to transition. Also it's only 60 minutes, which is plenty for me.

Colleen (my usual instructor) likes to do slow flow in the dark, with candles, and surf-n-tweeting-birds music in the background. Craig doesn't. Which makes balance poses easier, but doesn't do much for my practice otherwise. With the lights on, it became obvious that I like to do yoga with my eyes closed. Also Craig is more 'hands on' than Colleen, in that he was constantly (in the sense of doing it twice) adjusting my pose so I was going a little further into it than I was totally comfortable with. Which is not a bad thing, I guess, since the whole point is to stretch.

I suppose every instructor has their quirks, which having only had Colleen's I'm a little sensitive to. Craig does his Surya Namaskar (sun salutation, which he kept calling a 'sun salute', which to my ear is just not the same thing, but I'm not sure why) differently than Colleen does. Several vocal things that Craig did really took me out of the moment the first few times I heard them. Craig was always talking about noticing the breath. "Notice the inhale.... and the exhale ...." which is a good thing to do in yoga (it's all about the breathing). He also has a thing about maintaining and open and noble attitude, or something like that. They just caught my ear a lot, in the way that coming to Canada I have to stop and refocus everytime someone says 'shedule' instead of 'scedule', or "reZOURCE" instead of "REsource". Or uses it as a verb.

So anyway, I spent all day wondering feeling like I could really use a good jacuze (which is what you do in a jacuzzi, not something you say when you're going to accuse someone of something) (beat) and not really remembering why. And now it's almost midnight and wa-a-ay to late to do anything about it.

Note to self: make friends with someone with a hot tub.

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