Friday, 21 September 2007

Facebook strikes again

Well, I got poked by someone who wanted me to add the My Personality application to my Facebook profile. Facebook allows you to add these things--games, graphics, messaging techniques, cultural stuff. This one rates you on the Big 5 personality traits--Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. With my fondness for random personality tests (see previous posts), I had to.

Now, I know I've done Big5 tests before, but this one came out differently than I was expecting/remembering. Here are my results.

O 76%
C 34%
E 34%
A 55%
N 45%

Now, readers of this blog know I'm pretty open. I definitely lean to Introversion most of the time. I'm fairly agreeable except when people are being stupid, but I'm definitely of the 'I'm right but take my advice or leave it--as long as I don't have to keep hearing about it' persuasion. And I'm a little neurotic, compared to someone who isn't neurotic, but I'm not nearly as neurotic as a lot of functioning people I know.

It's the 34% conscientiousness that I'm puzzled by. In spite of being right all the time, I'm pretty conscientious. I schedule meetings at times inconvenient (not impossible) to me to maximize convenience for others. I schedule meetings for others that I don't really believe we need to have. I'm grad chair, undergrad chair, webmonster, raffle-basket procurer and maker, and presumptively acting Acting Head. I've learned not to make myself sick doing things for others, and not to get walked all over for no better reason than others want to walk over me, but I'm a pretty easy going guy when it comes to being walked over. 34% Conscientious?

Well, the descriptor says something about being spontaneous and fun, not unreliable, but occasionally flakey. Which I guess is true enough. But 34%?

Obsessive and egocentric? Me?

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