Thursday, 1 November 2007

Free wireless hotspots are da bomb

Because I can sit sipping coffee and take care of stuff faster and in more comfort (not to mention cleanliness) on line. I sit now at a table at "Espresso Junction", the coffee place at Winnipeg's The Forks. And the wireless card and the laptop seem to be getting along quite happily, thank you.

I am here a) reviewing some papers and coming up with something to say in my seminar tomorrow, b) reviewing some exam papers from Monday's Language and Gender class, and coming up with something to tell the reader when I hand them off to her tomorrow, c) deciding which is more important--doing the first read of a paper I need to have reviewed in the next couple of weeks, or doing the last read of a revision I've just been sent by another journal (the first read of yet another paper I've agreed for a journal isn't due until early December, so it isn't even on the radar yet), and d) most importantly doing my goal setting for the next week, which I didn't get around to doing last week anyway, so we're off to a roaring start.

So here are my goals for the next week:
  1. Set aside 10-15 minutes to practice/review my ASL signs (being taught to me by my friend Barbara O'Dea in exchange for breakfast once a week--I knew there was a way to continue to have breakfast and a social life while my usual brunch partner is in the Nederlands). Let's say 'every day', meaning at least five times in the next seven days
  2. Similarly, taking 10-15 minutes every to take care of some minimal domestic task--since the completing of actual domestic tasks didn't happen at all the last time I tried this, I'm scaling back expectations even further (in the sense that 'cleaning the kitchen' is no longer a 'domestic task' but composed of any mumber of minimal domestic tasks, including but not limited to doing the dishes, getting the muck out of the coffee machine, taking out the garbage, throwing away at least two items of dead food from the refrigerator, and so on). But we'll try to do *something* of the sort every day. By which I mean at least five times in the next seven days. Starting this morning, when doing something about the dead phone counts, even though it wasn't actually a domestic task
  3. Get a solid read in of the paper I'm reviewing for Phonology
  4. Get a solid read in of the paper I'm evaluating for JASA
And not forgetting the having fun parts of my life:
  1. Play with my new phone
  2. Start reading an actual book for pleasure
  3. Not skipping out on Yoga on Monday like I did this week because I didn't feel emotionally able to deal with it. Which is pretty lame excuse, even for me
So there we go. Back to work now.

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