Monday, 5 November 2007

Mid-week (Monday) check

I'm sick. I was not well on Thursday, and while I was mostly functional on Friday I was not at my best. By Saturday morning I was definitely unwell, if not flat out sick. So I spent the weekend lying in bed trying to decide it was worth the effort to get out of bed to take care of basic biological needs (you know, food, drink, medication, bathing, and, well, other biological needs). In the end, biological needs were met (if you count a piece of pumpkin pie as 'dinner' Saturday night). But although my voice is on the ragged edge again, at least that pain in my right eye appears to have subsided. Someday I have to figure out what that pain is, since my one-doctor-ago doctor told me it couldn't possibly be what I thought it was. But anyway, it was not a high-functioning weekend, so one has to wonder what it has done to my minimum functionality plan as laid out in my last post.

To wit, I am pleased to say I'm doing not too badly, considering I was sick. While I got nothing done in the way of work (like getting those readings in), I did get some minimum household stuff done, in the sense of dishes, throwing away dead food, the taking out of garbage, and so forth. So let's see how we're doing:
  1. Practicing my ASL. Did manage to review everything on the list, briefly, once a day, even this weekend. It helps that it's a small list.
  2. Taking care of minimal domestic tasks. Again, going well, in the sense that daily, something is going on at home that makes living slightly easier. Okay, I threw an empty box on the kitchen floor instead of putting it carefully in the recycling, so the net effect is a wash, but at least things aren't getting any worse. And if you look carefully at specific square feet of areas in my apartment, things definitely look better.
  3. No reading for Phonology yet
  4. No reading for JASA yet
  5. Haven't played with my phone enough to discover how to set it to different modes (called 'profiles' on my old phone) like 'outdoor', 'silent', 'normal'. But I did figure out that the background image--called the 'wallpaper' on my old phone, is called the 'screensaver', for some unknown reason.
  6. Did start a book for pleasure last night when I couldn't sleep, since I'd basically slept all day. My intent was to start a new book, but shopping has been curtailed by illness. So I pulled out Thus was Adonis Murdered by the late Sarah Caudwell, a great old stand-by that at my peak I could recite great portions of with limited prompting. In terms of comfort, it's the literary analog of a cozy blanket, hot mulled wine, and a big bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. I love to read while smiling.
  7. I am not skipping out on Yoga this week because I don't feel emotionally ready to deal with it. I am skipping out on Yoga this week because I think I'm trying to get over a cold, and hiking to the gym and sweating and hiking back with wet hair from the shower is just not in the cards. TMSAISTI. At least it's better than the emotional excuse. If I had my druthers, I wouldn't even have come to work today, but stayed home and gotten well(-er), like I did all weekend.
Anyway, that's the Rob's Mental Health Update for this Monday, 5 November.

P.S. Switching back to standard time a week late is bad enough, but being too sick to actually benefit from it sucks a big rock.

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