Thursday, 29 November 2007

No (new) goals this week

First of all, I wasn't so good at keeping up with my goals last week, so we'll just carry them over, at least one ones that aren't time sensitive. Things for work will just get done anyway, and (second) I'm trying to wrap my brain around some changes coming up.

1) I've accepted the position of Acting Head for next term while the present Acting Head (and presumptive Next Head) is on leave. This means..

2) I will be: Acting Head, Graduate Program Chair, Undergraduate Program Advisor, Clinical and Developmental Linguistics Curriculum Chair, and, um, something else which escapes me.

3) I will also be drafting my grant for september, trying to do some extra recruiting for the gradute program, and orchestrating a land grab, with the help of the Deanlet of Space.

4) The good news is that as Acting Head, I get a course break, so I'll be handing off one of my courses to someone TBD. TBD knows who he is, unless someone pops out of the woodwork, but anyway, this is a new twist in a year of Twisty Course Offerings.

5) It's also Letter of Recommendation season, and I've got my usual dozen or so students who need letters. This year, the twist is that at least one school receiving several letters has a Jan 1 deadline, so I have to really get these things out early thsi year.

So rather than try to make new goals and whatever, we're going to take this week to hold steady. I'll be trying to do my 10 minutes of ASL and 10 minutes of domestic activity every day, I'll try to make it to Yoga, and keep up with the work stuff. But other than that, I just don't have the neurotransmitter to cope with anything new right now.

Except that I may already be renegging on my decision to wait to buy a new computer. I could order one on line for about $500. So I might take some time and actually see if I can walk out of store with one for about that. Which strikes me as a good deal anyway. And I'm just not going to worry about how much fixing my car is going to cost next week--it's making some kind of weird noise, so I'm taking it in for its regular service, winterization, and checking the weird noise. Next week. Thursday in fact.

I think I'll talk to my doctor on Tuesday about upping my dosage tho. Just preemptively.

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