Monday, 3 December 2007

Blessings in the guise of complaints

I was thinking about what to write this mid-week and realized that everything I had to say was in the form of a complaint. But I'm really very grateful for most of my life, even the rough parts could be so much rougher. I really do understand in my heart of hearts that life is so much more difficult for other people and my problems are pretty minimal. I have a roof over my head, plenty of food, good health care people trying to help me, heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Underground parking. My life is good.

But here comes the complaining. It's just after 9pm, and I'm just getting home. I had a decent yoga practice, so I didn't get back to the office until about 6:15, and what with tidying up and shuffling papers around, I didn't get out of there until almost 7. There were a number of things I wanted to shop for on the way home.

1) A new shower curtain liner. Because my current shower curtain liner is getting gross. Did it.

2) A new humidifier. My current humidifier is sick. It thinks it's done its job when the humidistat reaches 80%. Except the humidistat across the room thinks it's still 20%. So someone is lying. And I think it's the humidifier, because I can wave my hand in front of the humidifier and it will drop from 80% to about 60%. So there's obviously some moisture or something built up in the humidifier. But it was like this all last year too, so it's time for a new humidifier.

Complaint: Didn't cuz Canadian Tire didn't have my brand (I want to keep the reservoir I have), and Home Outfitters didn't have any at all. There's an hour of my life I want back.

3) Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (a computer game from about 2 years ago that I've never had the computer power to play before). But I want the Game of the Year edition, and EBGames didn't have it. I may have to order it cuz....

... I bought a new computer on Sunday. Yes, I know. Bite me. Anyway, it's still in its box, awaiting me to finish cleaning up that corner of the house. It's a cute little Acer Aspire L100, with a tower about the size of a box of Hamburger Helper. Which is the only thing in visual range that is about the size. Comes with a 19" LCD monitor.

So 4) I bought a keyboard/mouse and speakers for the new computer.

At school I bought a license for the new Office suite, which I need to work.

So at some point I have to get this corner of the house clean, and play with my new computer. But I'm playing it cool. No rush. It's there. I'm happy.

If I manage to replace my shower curtain liner before bed tonight, I'll even be on the ball with my 10/10 commitment.

Life is good. It is. Really.

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Jaynie said...

Next time, before you purchase a new shower curtain liner...

Take down the old one, stuff it into the washing machine with a load of towels (or even just a couple of towels) that are safe to use chlorine bleach on...

Run the washer through a complete cycle with your regular laundry detergent and a cup of chlorine bleach. Voila! Brand new shower curtain liner. The agitation in the wash cycle will scrub off all crud from the shower curtain liner, and the bleach will kill all mildew, mold, bacterial colonies, etc. and you'll have a brand spanking new shower curtain at no cost whatsoever.

Oh! And then you can put it into the dryer -- by itself -- on high heat, but only for a couple of minutes and you must not leave it unattended. Literally just a couple of minutes in the heat and when you pull it out, it will be pliable and all the wrinkles that it got from going 'round and 'round in the washing machine will be gone, then you can hang it back in your shower again and it will be like brand new.

Just don't walk away from the dryer! Too easy to forget for just a few minutes and you'd have a goofy mess in the dryer that would not be a "Good Thing."

Yes, in case you're wondering, I've done the above many times, but have only walked away from the dryer one time -- and that was enough to sear it into my memory. Don't leave it alone in the dryer, just leave it in long enough for it to get hot, soft, and supple for rehanging.

Love from your adoring fan in Fircrest, WA, USA...