Wednesday, 5 December 2007

New computer report:

Well, it's up and running. It took me a while to turn it on, and even longer to figure out that Vista doesn't actually shut off the computer--it mostly just hibernates it. But there you go. The foibles.

It took about four minutes to load Office 2007, which is pretty blinding fast considering a) it used to take an hour and a couple of disk swaps to do it and b) it took about two hours for the computer to unpack itself, load Vista, start Vista, set Vista, and reboot itself several times until it was happy, and settle down.

On the other hand, I can't figure out how to get Logitech's disk to finish setting up my keyboard/mouse configuration, which is too bad because the whole point was to have a programmable keyboard.

And I don't have an internet connect for this machine yet so nothing has updated and I haven't actually done anything except play a really bad round of Hearts on it. So I have to keep my laptop and my modem going for a while anyway. But it means I have a pretty new computer that I can't download anything (like iTunes) to. On the other hand, I have one heckuva nice widescreen DVD player now. If I don't mind playing through Windows Media. Which I don't really. I have no strong objection to anything that works.

But oh well. I'd better get that corner of the apartment clean. And the corner where the cable connection is, cuz I'm pretty sure that's where the new internet stuff is supposed to go. Hmm. Maybe I need a wireless network at home. Hmm.

But tomorrow is Car Day, in which I take my car in for servicing, and they tell me how many thousands of dollars it will cost to fix the two truly alarming new noises my car is making. I'm hoping it's a loose belt and some low power steering fluid. But we'll see.

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Jaynie said...

By any chance did you watch the KING TV broadcast of the New Year's Even fireworks show from the Space Needle last night?

The computer program that was running the show crashed! The music played on, but the fireworks showed stopped at tens of thousands of people milled around in the streets around Seattle Center and the Space Needle while nothing was happening.

A couple minutes later, after rebooting the system, the show began again, though out of sync, of course, with the music prgram.


The computer crashed again!!

That time the operators had to manually deploy each one of the fireworks (some 1,900 buttons altogether that the technicians had to fire off by hand, and it was wildly random) it was quite a show.

But the reason I mention it in association with your computer is that there are rumors circulating that it was a PC...and that it was running Windows Vista when crashed and had to be re-booted, not just once but twice during the show...

If you'd care to add any commentary about that, visit the TV station's Web site:

Sayonara, Rob! And Happy New Year! Seattle-Tacoma-Fircrest-style