Thursday, 6 December 2007

Thursday goal setting

Goal 1. Pay for the car.

Well, it seems I've got a bad left-rear strut; three leaks in my power steering (the main gasket, the return line, and the pump itself), which I presume is the source of the screaming my car makes when I crank the wheels; a failing battery; and corroded battery terminals. All told, overnight at the garage and $1700 or so.

"Say what you want about credit cards leading people into debt, they're jolly handy when you haven't any money." (Sarah Caudwell in "The Sirens Sang of Murder")

Goal 2. Get most of my letters of recommendation written.

This is a huge goal. I should break it down. Today I plan to sort through all my current papers, prioritize my enthusiasm for student applications, and maybe, if I feel the need, set up my database where I can access they're grades and whatnot so I can draft letters. Tomorrow or Saturday I'll work on the first couple of letters and maybe the database of addresses so I can print labels. If I can get a solid draft of all the letters (or at least he ones due by Jan 1) by next week at this time, I will be very happy.

Goal 3. Get rid of the computer boxes and packaging.

I often keep stuff like this for no apparent reason, but now it's mostly taking up space in my bathroom, which for some reason is where I kicked it all the other night rather than take care of it. So it's either break it down and take it out to the garbage and recycling, as required, or at least put it all back together and stuff it in a closet.

Goal 3. Remember to sign up for Monday evening Yoga and Friday noon Yoga for next term.

Goal 4. Continue with my 10/10 strategy. Which is working for me, sort of.

Goal 5. Over and above my 10/10 strategy, and getting rid of the computer boxes, I really want to get my computer area a) cleaned and b) vaguely organized. Enough that I can take a picture of my pretty new computer and post it somewhere. Maybe here.

Goal 6. Have some serious fun somehow. Maybe see a movie (I want to see Beowulf in 3D, but I really want to see the IMAX version and for some reason it isn't scheduled here) or a new DVD. Buy a couple of books (I'm down at least one Tim Cockey, Paul Doherty, and Janet Evanovich, dunno about the old standbys like Martha Grimes and Anne Perry who are getting depressing. Really want to read the Dresden File novels by Jim Butcher, the first one of which I bought but now can't find. So

Goal 7. Not withstanding any plans to have fun, I need to find what I did with that book. There's only a couple places it can be, so if I devote a 10 or two to it, I should be able to find it. Which means I can start reading it, and take care of Goal 6 without spending any more money.

Which would be a good thing, considering Goal 1.

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