Saturday, 29 December 2007

Checking in

News 1: My new computer seems to have access to a wireless network (perhaps operated by someone in my building), which means I can do stuff from home. I don't mind paying for internet service, but if someone else is willing to do it for me, I'm fine with that too.

News 2: My favourite e-mail client, Mozilla Thunderbird, which I like to run off a portable memory stick so I always have my contacts and all my e-mail at once, won't run off my stick under Vista. So I may just switch to web-mail, or I might have to come up with a new solution. But whatever.

News 3: I've been keeping a low profile, both generally and webwise because I'm literally two weeks behind. To wit:

News 4: Today I finally 'finished' reading final papers. By 'finished', I mean I've read and assigned numbers to all the papers I ahve on hand. There's another two or three that never got printed, and probably another two or three which haven't reappeared since the infamous e-mail meltdown, and probably a few more that never came in in the first place. But at least they're all read.

News 5: The next step is to add up scores and add them to the spreadsheet, so that I can get grades in sometime before my students rise up and kill me. Hopefully that'll be tomorrow. Monday at the latest.

News 6: So the goals are, before the end of the year, which I take to be Monday Night:

Goal 1: Get grades calculated. At least most of them. To the degree that I can.
Goal 2: Set up next month's spectrogram, the December solution, etc. for upload on Tuesday sometime.
Goal 3: Finish writing a review that was due two weeks ago.

Anticipated goals for next week, i.e. before school starts:

Actually get grades in.
Start writing the review of the grant I need to write but at least that's not due for a couple of weeks yet.
Get set up for next term's class. Singular. Gotta love that part.
Update my Activity Report, which I have to submit to myself this year. Weird.
Go through the stack of work-related things I brought home with me, and prioritize activities therein.

But first I gotta make it to 2008. Oy.

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