Sunday, 24 February 2008

The case of the mysterious toe

Well, not so mysterious. Just bloody. But I didn't want the title of this post to be 'The case of the bloody toe'.

Now, readers of this blog know that I've been suffering from some sensitivity problems, in the sense of not having much sensation, in my left little toe. So in spite of having recovered some of that sensation, or at least having gotten used to the lack of sensation, I try to be careful what happens to my toes. So imagine my surprise a while ago when I look down and see a) a lot of blood everywhere, and not all of it really fresh, and b) what looks like a serious wound on the tip of my right little toe.

It seems I took a clean slice off the very tip of my little toe. Doesn't hurt in the least, but getting it cleaned up was a chore, it being my toe and kind of far away, and then trying to get the bleeding to stop. Which took a long time.

I have no idea when or how I did this to my toe. I'd just gotten in from the drugstore, and I can't really tell if I bled all over the inside of my boot, but a nice clean slice like that looks like a cut from a blade rather than a scrape on sharp thing or something. Anyway, I'm not leaving puddles of blood everywhere I go now, so I suppose I'll survive.

Oh, so the reason I went to the drugstore was that I'm out of aspirin, expectorant, and cough suppressant. Being out of expectorant isn't so bad, because I think the need to keep things loose and moving in my lungs is now in abeyance, and now I just need to let it ciliate to the point where it's worth trying to cough it up. Hence the cough suppressant. Note to my students, if you ever want a crash review of your expiratory muscles (the ones that assist coughing)--well, I guess I wouldn't recommend bronchitis, but if you ever happen to have bronchitis otherwise, it wouldn't hurt to take the opportunity to review.

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