Friday, 22 February 2008

News from the sickbed

File this under 'too much information'.

I know it's good news when you finally start coughing up foul-tasting, yellowish chunks of stuff, because it means the inflection has cleared and your lungs are starting to expel(l) the detritus. But it doesn't make breathing, sitting, sleeping, or arguing with your dean any easier. Nor does the occasional but recurrent signs of fever--the feeling of being hot but shivering with clammy skin, followed by moderate comfort, then turning over and discovering a truly hot spot in your bed where some part of your body used to be.

So I've been lying low for a couple of days, taking long naps, drinking lemonade both hot and cold (sometimes laced with the aforementioned honey liqueur, or once some peppermint schnapps), trying to get well and avoiding unnecessary exposure to the elements.

So anyway, I'm still lying low, trying to avoid blowing out my vocal folds with all the coughing, staying hydrated (not to say a little schnockered(sp?)), and hoping to be well by Monday. Meantime, not a lot of laundry or housecleaning getting done. On the other hand, I've been making some killer soups and turkey sandwiches.

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