Wednesday, 26 March 2008

You know you're in trouble when you run out of spoons

I thought I was keeping on top of the dishes, if nothing else, in my life. I actually kind of enjoy doing dishes if there are some good tunes on or at least I'm not frantically trying to do something else, or get to something else, in the meantime. I did a whole whack o' dishes this weekend. But not, apparently, utensils.

I went to reach for a spoon--I have my 8 soupsppons, 8 teaspoons, 6 of each from another set, and another couple dozen or so cheapos from the dollar store that I keep on the stove for quick stirs, tastes, and the odd dip into the pickle relish. And of course a few bigger ones for cooking and stirring, but those don't really count.

Anyway, I went to reach for a spoon and there they weren't. Not on the stove, not in the bin with the utensils, and not, oddly enough, in the dishwasher. Well, there were a few, but these were mostly clearly dirty, as I have a habit of throwing the stove ones straight into the dishwasher after using them.

But of the at least forty spoons in my life, less than a dozen were clearly visible, and of these none were clean. Now I admit there are a couple of pots and pans in the sink (I did some serious cooking on Monday and left things to soak and didn't get to them yesterday), and I'm hoping most of my spoons are hiding underneath them. But I'm not sanguine. That many spoons simply cannot have disappeared into the sink since Monday.

Which leaves me wondering if things are randomly disappearing from my house. True, I found my iPod and the remote to the VCR, but the contact lenses, and now the spoons, are still missing.


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