Saturday, 5 April 2008

Great, he has a habit of dying a lot too.

What Legion Super Hero are you?

You are like Lightning Lad. A brash, aggressive hotshot who wields spectacular lightning powers, Lightning Lad is a handsome, hotheaded jock with a serious sense of entitlement who turns out to be much more sensitive than his brash, aggressive behavior might suggest.Good-natured, fun-loving and loyal at heart, Lightning Lad is nonetheless quick to anger. A brilliant hand-to-hand combatant and an extreme action junkie, he is an accomplished (if occasionally reckless) pilot and loves a good fight.As a founding member of the Legion and its field leader, Lightning Lad is used to being the most powerful and experienced Legionnaire and to calling the shots.So when Superman joins the team, Lightning Lad is a little threatened. Pushed out of the spotlight, he can become a little jealous of the attention Superman receives from the other Legionnaires (especially Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl).Lightning Lad's bioelectrical powers are most commonly used to shock and stun his opponents, short-circuit electrical equipment, split asteroids and boulders, destroy spaceships, burn objects or shatter walls. He can also recharge batteries and generators, and weld metals and ores like lead or Kryptonite.Although seemingly self-generated, Lightning Lad's powers are inextricably linked to his energy and his will. If tired, sick or even depressed, Lightning Lad can barely muster an electrical charge, let alone manifest lightning bolts. His powers can also be reflected back on him, effectively shorting him out, and are essentially useless underwater.
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