Monday, 9 June 2008

The problem with traveling

I was mostly unprepared for the unseasonably warm and humid weather in Toronto--I spent the first couple of days trying to find tank tops and alternate shorts and suchlike. Back home, it hasn't quite warmed up enough to break out the shorts yet, at least it hadn't when before I'd left.

So I've spent a week almost getting used to hot and humid. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I'm going to spend most of the morning in the hot and humid, unless it's still thunderstorming, which is currently predicted at 60%. Then I'm going to spend a big chunk of the afternoon traveling to or wasting time in the airport, since I like to check in in plenty of time to find some crossword puzzles and have some coffee and whatnot before my flight. It'll take between 1 and 1-1/2 hours to get to the airport depending on the subway, the bus, and the weather. So if my flight is at 4:45, I should be there around 3 which means I should leave about 1:30pm. I'm supposed to check out of the B&B by 11:30, but I can stash my luggage at least for a couple of hours. But if I stick around the village for lunch, I'll probably end up doing some last minute shopping, and I think I've done enough to support the economy for this trip. That and my suitcase which was comfortably loosely packed when I got here is starting to feel stuffed up.

But back to the problem. Once I'm in the airport, I'm assuming I'll be in relative air conditioning, but I'll still be hot and gross. And I'm always too warm when other people are getting chilly anyway. So maybe I should just travel in a t-shirt and shorts (which means putting the shoe-shoes in my suitcase and wearing my sandals, which I'm okay with, except for the suitcase stuffing issue). But it'll be coolish and probably raining in Winnipeg, which means I should probably be wearing real shoes, if not actual pants there. I've been known to change clothes in public washrooms, but I'm not sure I've ever done so in an airport. Certainly not in my home-town airport, on the way home.

So I'm sitting here, wondering if I should go out for some night-on-the-town action, and thinking about what I should pack and what I should wear and what I should be sure to leave on top of the suitcase in case I need to get to it in a hurry in a fairly confined space.

I bet real people never worry about this sort of thing. And this is me on medication.

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