Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Farewell, GTA. Greetings, 'Peg.

Well, this is my last morning on my vaca. Had a nice time. Am very relaxed, but of course am now horribly sleep deprived. Expecting coffee to be a big part of my day. I've packed away the contact lenses (dry out on airplanes, so I'm in my glasses all day), and am just finishing my morning bagel. Trying to decide how to handle the rest of the morning and early afternoon. There's one more restaurant I want to go to, but it's sort of on the way to the subway station, so I'm not sure if I should take the luggage with me or come back for it. Oh, if this were my biggest problem on most days.

But I'll survive. Should get home in the early evening. Will dash across the street for something for dindins and then probably head to bed early, so as to be somewhat recovered for tomorrow. When, among other things, I'll face the bills.


PS Oh, good news, it's cooler this morning (21C) and it should be 17C when I hit the ground in Winnipeg, so I don't think there will be quite the temperature shock there might have been. Yay.

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