Sunday, 15 June 2008

So I've been lying low

Mostly because I've been so tired. What is it about a vacation that you need three days to recover. I blame the hot afternoons, which were good for sleeping through, requiring you to stay up half the night carousing.

So, I got back from TO on Tuesday, and awaiting me was an invitation to my nephew David's wedding. Now, I knew he was getting married. He and his fiancée announced their plans at least a year ago. They also announced that they were paying for it themselves, so it was going to be kept small, and that not everyone would necessarily be invited. But now I'm invited. So among the other things I've managed to accomplish this week is find a seat-sale flight to and from YVR (Vancouver, BC), and an expensive (by my standards) hotel room in an all-suites hotel about 30 minutes (on a good traffic day) north of the city. Now I have to arrange a car, but that shouldn't be hard. And the suite will be nice for getting some work done, and to provide a home base for my junk and visits with people and family.

That came out wrong.

But anyway, that's the deal. This week, I have a couple of classes, a meeting off campus, a dentist appointment, and a Fringe thing on Tuesday. The Team Leader's Facebook group is going 'Bingo Bowling', whatever that is. They do 5-pin bowling in Manitoba, which I've never done, so it'll be a sharp learning curve, but at least it will be an evening of socializing.

Now I need to go to bed and get some sleep. I'm almost back on a normal schedule. Which is not to say I feel 'rested' in the mornings, but at least I'm not staying up until 3 am just cuz.

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