Monday, 10 August 2009

CPAP diary (3)

Nothing new to report, and after this I'm not going to bother unless there is. The only thing that started to bug me last night that was new is that the silicone 'gasket' thingy that mediates the seal around the mask to my face, if that's the right way to put it, is just a little narrower than my big fat mouth, which means that there's some capillary action happening (or it feels like it is) out of the corner of my mouth and around that side of the seal.

The 'blowing out' of the seal under higher pressures was a little better last night. Once again, I didn't have an easy time getting to sleep, nor did I get the uninterrupted sleep we're all hoping for. On the other hand, the waking up refreshed, or at least more refreshed than usual, or at least feeling less like just turning over and going back to sleep, is still continuing. And despite considerable boredom (had a haircut this afternoon, and have basically been sitting here trying to come up with something useful to do for a couple of hours) I'm not really inclined to have a nap.

So in all, things may be getting better. Flat six all around, I'd say.

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