Wednesday, 12 August 2009

CPAP diary (4)

Here's something interesting. FSVO interesting.

I've always gone to sleep on my back. I've always woken up on my back. And in between I've always been a thrasher. People don't like sleeping with me because a) I snore like a chainsaw and b) I thrash. People who have shared a bed with me have ended up with bruises. But I have always gone to sleep and woken up on my back.

With the machine now, I've been waking up on my side. Comfortably. I wonder if all those decades of snoring and thrashing and poor sleep was just me trying to keep my airway open.

Had a rough morning yesterday, but after staying up until almost 3 in the morning, I didn't have too much trouble getting to sleep (I guess if you're not really going to sleep until 3 in the morning, it helps not to go to bed and nine and toss and turn for six hours). Woke up a couple of times, on my side, but didn't have too much trouble getting back to sleep. It took about 45 minutes to decide I was awake--9:45 to 10:30 or so--but then I hopped out of bed and have been okay for about 45 minutes. Which is a huge improvement over yesterday.

Lying low today, taking it easy, and trying to just keep on keepin' on.

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